Dr. Domènech’s advice on Betevé

Spring: Dr. Domènech’s advice against Ocular and Respiratory Discomfort

Dr. Domènech, in an exclusive interview with Betevé magazine, explains the ocular and respiratory discomforts that we may experience this spring. Despite low pollen forecasts, the wind and recent rains have elevated airborne particles, affecting eye and respiratory health. This is a must-read for allergy sufferers and those experiencing allergic symptoms for the first time. He also gives us some advice.

Hassles and Tips:

  • Particulate matter may cause pharyngeal irritation, rhinitis and conjunctivitis.
  • It is recommended not to rub the eyes and to use water to clean them.
  • In case of persistent discomfort, Dr. Domènech advises to seek emergency medical assistance.


  • The masks act as an initial filter.
  • For the eyes, wear sunglasses; motorcyclists should lower their helmet visors.

For more details on this expert advice, you can read the full story here. Stay informed and protected this spring!